The pain free playbook for life after high school.

Go from time-consuming, frustrating college and job applications to being prepared and getting into the school or job of your choice.

Real Talk: Whether you’re going to college or entering the workforce, how prepared are you for life after high school? Is running around at the last minute trying to prepare for the “after-life” of high school how you want to spend the end of the year and miss out on all the high-school activities? Do you want to wait until the last minute just to find out that you can’t get in to the college of your choice and have no other options but the one school that will give you a chance OR Be the only one left in your class without a plan because everyone else started earlier and are on their path to success?

* eBook includes PDF and Kindle versions.

Enrollment in college is not automatic. A job is not guaranteed. . . unless you’re prepared. So what can smart, talented and intelligent students like you do NOW to be prepared for your future? Three Words: Start. Planning. Now.

Have you ever wondered how some students get into the school they’ve always wanted or land their dream job making good money to buy food, clothes, video games and the newest iPhone? Two Words: BE. PREPARED.

You can have what you want too! You can attend the school of your choice or land your dream job when you plan ahead, plan early and plan right.


We are Selina Thedford and Donita Townsel, two educational professionals who are also parents with over 60 years of combined experience in Educational Leadership. We’ve seen what it’s like when students are prepared and set up for success. We’ve also seen students fail because they didn’t take the time to learn what they were supposed to be doing with their time. We have seen thousands of students get all the way through to their senior year and because they failed to plan for life after high school they become frustrated from mistakes they didn’t know they were making.

We don’t want to see that happen to you. You’ve worked too hard to get to this point in life.

Out of desperation, many students just like you have to settle for schools they don’t want to attend or work a job they don’t like because they missed deadlines and didn’t know what to do. We’ve seen many students watch their friends graduate and get into schools they wanted and participate in activities that were fun while they remained stuck because they didn’t have a plan or they waited to late to plan and now it’s too late!

Don’t let this happen to you!

Why couldn’t things be different? Students spend all those years going from preschool to high school just to get to the end of their senior year in high school and realize they don’t know what they don’t know. But now, students just like you can take the guesswork out of preparing for college when you know the steps you need to take NOW in order to have that once-in-a-lifetime experience all senior high school students look forward to.

You may not know where to start. You may not know what to do. You may have sought help from others who couldn’t really guide you in the exact steps you needed to take. So, you now are faced with a choice. You can wait, like many students do, and play catch up later (which causes you and your family added stress) and hope to get into the school or job of your choice. You can learn the exact steps you need to start the process NOW from two VERY experienced education professionals to ensure that you can be where you want to be by the end of your senior year. It’s much easier hearing from someone who’s successfully guided thousands of students through college and on to prosperous careers. We’ve also seen many students fail because they didn’t have someone with experience to walk them through the easy-to-follow steps they needed to be prepared for life after finishing high school.


It changes EVERYTHING when you know what to do.

Your Ultimate Guide

It’s your road map so you can know exactly what you need to do to start NOW in planning for your life after high school.

Your Ultimate Companion

It’s like having your own experienced teacher, counselor and parent showing you everything you need to DO to get ready so you can be prepared and not feel the stress of filling out applications, studying for college-entry exams, having the proper documentation, getting the right experience, etc. You’ll discover what you need to do first. HINT: You don’t have to be a senior in high school to start.

Your Ultimate Help

It’ll help you eliminate the mistakes that most parents and students make when applying for college. The Ultimate Toolkit is jam-packed with everything you need to do to become successful in your life after graduation. We’ve compiled our years of experience and put everything we know about preparing for college into this book to give you detailed instructions you’ll need at different stages throughout your school year.

Inside The Ultimate Toolkit

We’ll hold your hand and walk you through the planning process so you can:

  • Gather all the documentation you need to start the process early.
  • Communicate like a pro and make yourself stand out from all the other students.
  • ACE your interviews and get the job you want.
  • Complete the college application RIGHT the first time without having to repeat it.
  • Chose the RIGHT path for you and your future.

No more chaos at the end of the school year. No more being unprepared for life after high school. No more going to a school or working a job you hate. And the best part is you get all the online resources you need.

You won’t have to spend hours and hours researching for information. We’ve done the hard work for you so you don’t have to spend the time doing it yourself. You can go celebrate, have fun and enjoy all the senior year festivities.

In case you haven’t clicked the link yet to secure your senior year fun, let’s do a senior year check-up. You get all the resources you need, including online-resources to set yourself up to win from the beginning in a step by step guide that will help guide you every step along the way. You get to spend time doing the senior activities with all your classmates without being frustrated at the last minute trying to fill out college and job applications.

That is why we wrote this book – to help students be successful.

Many students could have more success if they started earlier and made the right plans. Our only goal is to provide you with all the tools and resources you need so you can create a great future for yourself by planning early and not waiting until its too late!

We’re not trying to get rich off this book. We want you to succeed. As both parents and educators – we want you to succeed. Period. We want you to pursue your dreams, live the goals that you set for yourself and to have the successful career and life you planned. YOUR parents want that for you too! With The Ultimate Toolkit you’ll do just that when you follow the steps.

The toolkit for students is an awesome resource. It has a wealth of information to assist students in preparing for college. This is a must read for parents and students preparing for the next step in life.

TJ Johnson

President & CEO, The Wake Up Youth Foundation

Every student going to college should get this book. Every parent with a student should buy this book. This book is shortcut for navigating the college and career process.

Farrah Serrette-Kidd

Professional School Counselor

This book will save parents and students time, money and stress during the college and career application process”. It is a must have resource.

Izola Porter

Educational Consultant

As I see it, you have now have three choices:

  1. Continue to think that you’ll just “wait to apply” for college when you get a little closer to graduation because you don’t want to think about it right now and spoil all of your end-of-senior year fun.
  2. Watch your classmates start their college life or careers with excitement because they had a plan for life after high school while you are in worry and frustration mode because you don’t know what you’re going to do next.
  3. Brush your shoulders off and get this book. Plan for your future success so you begin living the life of your dreams, go to the school you want, and work the job you want by choice rather than by chance. Your parents will be glad you made the right choice.

There’s NO reason to fail. It’s time for you to go from having “no plan” to having a plan for your future success.

Dr. Selina C. Thedford

Selina Thedford was Born in Buffalo, New York and raised in Decatur, Georgia. Selina has worked as an educator for over 33 years serving as a principal, assistant principal and mathematics teacher. She received her doctorate and specialist in Educational Leadership from the University of Sarasota.  She earned her master’s degree in Math Education from Jacksonville State University and her Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics from Clark College. As an administrator Dr. Thedford has received several awards; Outstanding Georgia Citizen, and Who’s Who Among American High School Teachers and Educators.  She is also a member of Leadership DeKalb Class of 2010 and an active Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Dr. Thedford continues to enrich the lives of young leaners and young leaders.  She believes that it is important to be a source of encouragement Inspiration and knowledge.  She is the mother of four children, Carmen, Maso III, Candace and Carly.

Author Donita Townsel, M.S.

Donita Townsel is a life long educator with over 31 years of experience as a teacher and professional school counselor. She holds a Biology degree from Talladega College, Talladega, AL which led her to become a science educator for fourteen years at the middle and high school levels.  She obtained her master’s degree in school counseling from Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL. During her sixteen years as a counselor both at the middle and high school levels she lead a counseling department which received national recognition, the RAMP award from the American School Counseling Association in 2011. A passionate life long learner and leadership advocate and specialist, Ms. Townsel recently completed her certification as a John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer and coach.  Through speaking, training and coaching she hopes to add value to educators, youth and parents by inspiring them to lead and build strong, healthy communities.